Do I need a programmable thermostat?

Do I need a programmable thermostat?

Our infrared heating panels are designed to be hard wired into your electrical system and can be just turned on or off as heating is required. However, a programmable thermostat like this AUBE TH232 will make the use of your panel even more efficient.

7-day programmable thermostat

Electronic Programmable Thermostat

By having the panel come on a particular time of day and to be turned on or off depending on the set room temperature is the most efficient way to control the use of your infrared heating panel. If the room temperature is already at your set temperature the panel will remain off and will only come on when the temperature drops below your set temperature.

The AUBE TH232 thermostat has been programmed with the following schedule:-

It comes on at 6am with a temperature set at 21 degrees centigrade and at 8:30am the set temperature is reduced to 16.5 degrees centigrade. At 4pm the temperature is increased to 21 degrees again and at 11pm the temperature is reduced again to 16.5 degrees. This is the standard setting for Monday to Friday, and on weekends it is set to come on at 6am and stay at 21 degrees until 11pm.

These times and temperatures can be adjusted to your own requirements.

It is easy to see that by using this sort of control your panel will only come on when it is needed to increase the room temperature and not to be on all the time!