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White heaters

Standard White Infrared Heating Panels.                                                    Go to shop

Our standard white panels provide an affordable heating solution for homes and businesses wanting to reduce their energy consumption. These panels are made from matt white carbon fibre with an aluminium frame, the simple design blends well on most ceilings or can also be fitted high on the wall like a picture. Panels have a long 3 metre flex which we recommend is wired to a programmer or thermostat by an electrician, these are available from our shop, or the flex can be cut short and fitted to the nearest electrical socket. Most DIY shops sell simple plug in timers and thermostats.

We stock five sizes of standard white infrared heating panel with aluminium frame. For more technical specifications please read details at the bottom of this page.

300 watt panel 30 x 90cm Heating an area of about 6 square metres. 3kg in weight.Small infrared heating panel on feet in a bedroom

This long slim heating panel is ideal on the wall or ceiling in small box rooms, home offices, cloakrooms, utility area or hallways. Panels can be left switched on for long periods to provide gentle warmth in very cold rooms and use very little energy. When fitted to the wall this panel could simply be fitted with a UK plug. Buy me.

false ceiling with heating panel350 watt panel 60 x 60cm Heating an area of about 7 square metres. 3.5kg in weight.

Our small square panel provides gentle warmth and is ideal in the bathroom, bedroom or study.  The mounting profile holes on the reverse side measure 32 x 29.5cm, the screw fittings provided will slot into here. The flex is 3 metres long and can be cut to suit. Buy me

This square panel also fits into the 60cm frames of office suspended ceilings.

400 watt panel 30 x 120 cm Heating an area of about 8 square metres. 3.5kg in weight.

A long slim heating panel for fitting to the ceiling in hallways and corridors. Also good for rooms with little available wall space, tight spaces and narrow rooms. Buy me

600 watt panel 60 x 90cm Heating an area of about 12 square metres. 5.75kg in weight.

Our 600 watt best seller panel is a popular size to heat rooms of the home, two panels can be positioned over the seating areas of a lounge / dining room. Buy me

The mounting profile holes on the reverse side measure 32 x 60cm, the screw fittings provided will slot into here. The flex is 3 metres long and can be cut to suit.

three sizes std panel850 watt panel 60 x 120cm Heating an area of about 17 square metres. 7.5kg in weight.

The infrared rays from this large panel can be felt up to 3 metres away. A good choice for larger rooms in the home or office. This panel is often recommended in situations where people really need to feel the warmth directly, such as therapy rooms or for the elderly.  Buy me

The mounting profile holes on the reverse side measure 32 x 60cm, the screw fittings provided will slot into here. The flex is 3 metres long and can be cut to suit.

All panels are just 2.5cm deep.

Free delivery in the UK. Delivery is usually 2 to 3 working days. However if you are working on a large project we would appreciate an early pre order to enable us to have sufficient stock.


white ceiling panel Phils.Panels are IP44 rated for use in bathrooms, we suggest the panel is fitted to the ceiling away from the bath or shower but above where you stand to dry, ideally the heater should have its own timer or programmer so that the heating can be on at a lower temperature throughout the day, this will ensure a general allround warmth and comfort.

We can also supply a programmer to control just one or a number of heating panels in a zone, these programmers allow you the flexibility and control of your daily heating needs to help avoid wasting energy. Please discuss your requirements with your electrician, as there are a range of other controllers available from a very simple timer switch to a complex home electrics programmer.                      Go to shop

As every home and situation is different we are happy to liaise with you and discuss your heating needs, we do not fit the heaters, this must be done by a qualified electrician. We have tried to provide you with as much information as possible on the website and we are always happy to talk to our customers by phone, we would much rather you discuss your needs with us and choose the correct size heater than be disappointed next winter!

Technical Specifications.

Heating element – Austrian developed carbon nickel with nano silver technology

Front – Matt white carbon fibre with small aluminium frame.

Reverse – Aluminium backing with mounting framework.

Voltage – 230V, 50Hz. Standard 3 metre electrical cable.

CE Certification

TÜV Rheinland, Germany.

RoHS conformity

IP 44 Protection for use in bathrooms

Thermal safety sensors to prevent over-heating.

Developed in Austria for the European market. Made in China.

5 year warranty.