Public places

Infrared heating panels are successfully being used in a variety of situations used by the general public.  Go to the shop

  • Reception desk
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Spa and gymnasium
  • Shops
  • Hotels

Three sizes of heating panel, choose from standard white carbon fibre, glass or mirror finish.

Infrared heating panels provide targeted warmth, they are easy to install and do not require any maintenance. Heating panels fitted onto the ceiling should not get accidentally damaged and cannot be tampered with, which will ensure a long lifetime.

Reception desk                                            Go to the shop for a 350w heater

The reception area is notoriously difficult to heat as doors are continually being opened and closed allowing warm air to escape and cold air in. Infrared heating will warm people directly without heating the air, the panel should be fitted above the reception desk to ensure the staff and customers can feel the warmth, it will be necessary to have a large panel in a cold area.

Hospitals and care homes                                        Go to the shop for a 600w heater

There is always an issue of health and safety when buildings are to be used by the general public. Hospitals and Care homes need to maintain constant warmth whilst minimising the risks involved with wall mounted heaters, the fire risk of items being put onto the heater, burns from hot radiators and damage from knocks and scrapes. Radiators and wall heaters can be difficult to keep clean too, harbouring germs and distributing them in hot air movement, the hot dry air can also aggravate asthma and other bronchial conditions as well as causing drowsiness.

Infrared has been used by health practitioners for many years in the orange bulb used to keep babies warm and to promote good blood flow to repair damaged tissue.

The same technology is now available in our modern white panel that can be fitted into the ceiling, the power output is low and will create gentle warmth. The warmth can be felt on the skin and will still promote good blood circulation, the actual air temperature may be lower, creating a better environment for those who are busy working and a cleaner safer environment for those recuperating. Infrared heating panels will not circulate air there are no fans or blowers, just a simple white surface that can be wiped over with a damp cloth. Heating panels fitted into the ceiling should not get tampered with.

Spa and gymnasium                                         Go to the shop for a 850w heater

Far infrared radiation can penetrate the body deeply, up to 1.5 inches and will permeate through the lower layers of skin. Rays cause molecules to vibrate and thus heat is transferred creating increased blood flow, this will bring oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue and stimulate the removal of toxins. Infrared heating together with your therapy work may help promote general wellbeing. Infrared warmth can be felt on the skin even though the actual air temperature maybe lower than normal, this makes a much better environment for using gym equipment as the air will feel fresher.

Modern infrared saunas and hot yoga are now widely available using infrared heat, these also promote a number of other health benefits, such as detoxifying the body, reducing blood pressure,  increasing cell health and muscle recovery as well as overall general relaxation and well being.


Wall space is often at a premium in a small shop so it makes sense to have a heater
on the ceiling, positioned above the till area it will keep the staff and customers warm without intruding on any valuable space. Panels can be plugged into the nearest socket with a timer switch to ensure heating is turned on and off at appropriate times.


Old central heating systems can be expensive to run and a time comes when a
question has to be asked about the long term cost implications of maintaining
and running an inefficient system. Electric infrared heating panels may be used
in conjunction with central heating systems to provide efficient heating to areas
that are proving expensive to heat or as part of improvements and refurbishment
where unsightly old radiators have been removed and a clean modern appearance to
the room is required.

Infrared heating panels are energy efficient, the cost of electricity although going up
is still far more stable than the prices of gas and oil. Panels have a low energy consumption and modulate to maintain temperature therefore saving even more on energy costs.  Heating panels are quick and easy to install with minimal disruption to decor. Please talk to us about a discount for orders over ten panels.

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