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Adding an extension can be an affordable way of creating a larger home without the need to move. However in some instances the current wet heating system can not cope with more work, restricted by capacity or efficiency. An electrical heating system can work alongside the current wet radiators and is easy to install, your electrician can fit the heater and programmer when he is doing other wiring jobs. There is no specialist knowledge required.

Infrared heating panels can be operated by a simple switch but we recommend having a programmer to give you full control of the heating just like central heating. Panels should be fitted centrally to the room , high on the wall or on the ceiling. Remember to position the thermostat where it will not read warm air coming through from another room.

plug in type infrared heating panel. Efficient heater when the central heating is off.Infrared heating panels can also be used in other rooms of the house where the current radiators are ineffective or too expensive to run, just simply fit an infrared heating panel and turn the radiator off or turn on low as a back up when the weather turns very cold.

Our square 350 watt panel will warm a small room of about 7 sq metres and can be fitted with feet to make a freestanding heater, ideal for positioning close to where you sit.