Infrared heating panels – what are they?

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Infrared heating panels – what are they?

You know when you sit in the sun on a cold autumn or spring day and you can feel the warmth of the sun but you know that around you it is still cold, well infrared heating panels do the same but are for use indoors.

Eventually though, the infrared heating panels will warm the structure of the room up (the floor, the walls, the furniture) which in turn will radiate that warmth into the room giving you that nice all round feeling of warmth.

It is important though to size your infrared heating panel correctly if you are expecting the panel to warm up the room as above, other wise it will be like sitting outside, you’ll feel the warmth of the panel on you but it won’t heat the room up! This is great for areas like warehouses or workshop reception areas where you only want the staff to be warm, but in your home or office you will want the whole room to get itself up to temperature.

Ask us how much power, or how many panels you are likely to need to warm up your room!