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Glass heaters

Feature glass infrared heaters have a highly polished safety glass surface, the corners are gently rounded, and the surface is plain and smooth with no lights or switches to spoil the modern clean lines. Our panels do not have a visible frame. The glass surface is very slim with hidden framework bars on the reverse, which hold the panel away from the wall, thus giving the illusion that the heater is floating on the wall. In all it is only 2.5cm deep.      Go to shop

Read the technical specifications at the bottom of this page.

600 watt infrared heating panel 60 x 90cm Heating an area of about 12 square metres.  Available from stock in black or white  finish. About 9.5kg in weight.  Buy me.

800 watt infrared heating panel 60 x 120cm Heating an area of about 16 square metres. Available from stock in black or white finish. About 12.5 kg in weight. Buy me.

There have been production problems with the mirror finish heating panel and we will not have any more stock for the near future. The manufacturer is looking to start production again later in the year.

Free delivery in the UK. Items in stock will be delivered in 2 to 3 working days. However if you are working on a large project we would appreciate an early pre order to enable us to have sufficient stock.

Glass panels have the standard aluminium backing and fixing framework with a toughened safety glass front, the nano silver technology is sandwiched between. Glass allows infrared energy to pass through it without becoming hot itself and makes an attractive finished surface. However, glass panels are heavier and care should be taken to make a secure fixing appropriate for the weight.


The glass surface is slim with rounded smooth corners.
The feature glass panel does not have a frame, the bar on the reverse side is used for fixing to the wall so the panel appears to float

Glass infrared heaters can create a stunning interior design element.

A reflective surface will bring movement and light to a room. Our panels do not have a frame and can therefore work with any interior theme or colour. Position vertically or horizontally.

Glass heating panels can be incorporated into the interior design and can be positioned like wall art to create a focal point. Try positioning a number of heating panels equidistant along the wall interspersed with decorative wall lights, pictures or painted colour block for a dramatic effect.

Modern fitness studios with clean crisp lines and clinical cleanliness can fit a number of complete lines of panels running across the ceiling in a sizeable space. Heaters can be programmed in banks to work effectively across the whole space and with the ability to focus warmth on certain areas. The appearance of glass infrared heating panels does not change whether switched on or off. Heating panels do not require any maintenance but can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Modern kitchens with granite worktops, slate floors and black appliances can be accentuated with a black glass heating panel fitted onto the wall, contrasting the course stone and polished glass whilst echoing the reflective qualities of the electronic kitchen equipment.

Contemporary offices evoke a feeling of being well organised, efficient and up to the minute, the progressive appearance can be enhanced by a modern looking heater too whilst also showing your commitment to energy efficiency and new technology.  One black and one white heating panel side by side look stunning. Go to shop

Black glass heating panelMirror heating panels offer a space saving and practical solution to heating your bathroom or hallway. Panels are IP 54 rated splash proof for use in wetrooms. Infrared heated mirrors can be left on for long periods to help reduce condensation problems and provide a gentle, welcoming, all-round warmth.

Please remember if you are using our heating panels in a purely decorative way that some areas of the room may not be warmed by the panels and therefore it may be necessary to have more wattage (panels) than our usual recommendations. Infrared heating panels are most efficient when positioned centrally so their light rays can reach every part of the room.

Efficiency may be reduced by up to 20% when the panels are positioned on the wall as some infrared energy is being passed up to the ceiling where it can not be felt by those sitting in the room. However infrared warms objects as well as people and will therefore still create a welcoming warmth.

Technical Specifications.

Heating element – Austrian developed carbon nickel with nano silver technology

Front – 6mm safety glass  Reverse – Aluminium backing with mounting framework.

Voltage – 230V, 50Hz. Standard 3 metre electrical cable.

CE Certification and TÜV Rheinland, Germany.

IP 44 Protection for use in bathrooms

Thermal safety sensors to prevent over-heating.

Developed in Austria for the European market. Made in China.

5 year warranty.