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Infrared panels can be used to heat a variety of situations due to the affordability, ease of fitting and simple design.

Infrared heating is energy efficient and can help reduce energy consumption and fuel costs.

Infrared warmth can be felt on the skin so is pleasant warmth for people in any type of building.

  • Homes – domestic home central heating and bathrooms
  • Home extensions
  • Garden rooms
  • Home offices
  • Business offices
  • Therapy rooms
  • Hot Yoga studios
  • Schools and portable buildings
  • Public places

We have also heated function rooms, village community rooms, shops, restaurants, hairdressers, workshops, music rooms, a skittle alley, gymnasium and mobile home. We can heat almost any situation with infrared heating.

Our heatingplug in type infrared heating panel. Efficient heater when the central heating is off. panels have a guideline heating area ability, for example our 600 watt panels will heat an area of about 12 square metres, this is based on a well built and insulated home. All situations are different and have differing abilities to hold warmth, the better a building is insulated the better it will hold warmth and therefore require less energy to heat. Running costs will therefore vary but as a guideline a 600 watt heater will cost about 7 pence per hour to run, depending on your tariff, a room thermostat will increase efficiency and modulate the panel so that it will use less energy to maintain warmth.

In the picture the heating panel is being used to warm people who are sat still for long periods in the lounge during the daytime when the central heating is off but extra warmth is needed to one room.