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Heating buildings that are used by schools or clubs can be challenging. Affordable installation and running costs and practicality of use can make it difficult to come to a straight forward solution. School and club buildings need to be heated for varying times of the day and evening and often require almost instant heat. Infrared heating panels can provide an affordable solution. Go to the shop

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Schools.                                                                      Go to the shop for a 350w heater

infrared heating panel

White infrared heating panel hard wired onto the ceiling.

School buildings are often old with inadequate heating systems and limited funds for running the heating. Removing antiquated heating systems is not always a viable option as it can then bring about more expense in building repairs and redecoration. It may be the heating still works but is not economical or flexible in its use.

Our infrared heating panels simply fit onto the ceiling and can be wired together to a central programmer and can be used in conjunction with the old system or as a standalone heating solution. A number of small panels work well across the ceiling. Modern programmers allow for different temperature settings at different times of the day and different days of the week allowing the user to gain absolute control of energy usage.

Infrared energy can be felt on the skin warming people directly and promoting good blood circulation, heating the air is a secondary effect, this creates a much better working environment. There are no fans, no noise, no hot dry air or stuffiness, infrared warmth will not antagonise bronchial conditions because there is no movement of air or circulation of dust. Heaters require no maintenance therefore there are no on going servicing costs.

Portable Buildings.                                                    Go to the shop for a 600w heater

Schools having to cope with tight budgets and ever increasing student numbers utilise portable buildings or huts as additional classrooms, these require electric heating. There are always safety issues to consider when heating a room to be used by children, children do like to fiddle, turn knobs and flick switches, dump coats on heaters, poke fingers in or even climb and sit on the heater, all in all reducing the lifetime and tidy appearance of the heater.

Infrared heating panels have a plain appearance made from white carbon fibre, there are no lights or switches and once fitted onto the ceiling do not require any maintenance, so in a classroom situation they are safe from tampering and accidental damage.

Panels have a five year guarantee but as there are no moving parts we anticipate a long lifetime.

Circumstances do change in the school environment, and if more funding becomes available for the school to expand and the portable building becomes obsolete the panels can simply be removed and reused elsewhere.

Club Meeting and Garden Rooms.                                                 Go to the shop for a 850w heater

Small rooms in occasional use are notoriously difficult to heat as somebody needs to be in early to switch the heating on and get the air warm. Our infrared heating panels will warm people and objects directly so there is little warm up period required, heating can be felt on the skin and the air will be warmed as a secondary effect.

Infrared panels provide gentle warmth and are ideal in well insulated buildings or small meeting rooms and club huts, infrared rays will travel up to 3 metres and can be felt on the skin, use simple timers or programmers to ensure heating comes on early and is turned off after the club. A number of schools have installed modern garden office type buildings as additional classroom space, these can be well insulated and infrared heating works well as an easy to install and energy efficient heating solution. Panels fitted into the ceiling are out of reach from children or accidental damage.

If heating a very cold building it may be advisable to choose more panels than our usual recommendations so the room can be heated in a shorter period of time and the warmth felt on the skin quickly.

If you are trying to heat a large or particularly cold building please discuss with us the measurements to ensure sufficient panels can be positioned correctly to heat the whole area.