Salus RT500RF Wireless


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Product Description

An easy to install wireless programmer and room thermostat to control your infrared heating panels for even better energy efficiency.

The receiver unit can be fitted behind or alongside your heating panel and the room thermostat is free to be positioned wherever you like, reducing the need for unsightly cabling, it will wirelessly send signals to turn the heating on or off.

  • 5/2 or 7 day programming flexibility
  • Wireless receiver included
  • Built in start up programme for quick installation
  • Thermostat is battery powered with replacement indicator
  • Frost protection mode
  • Large, easy to read display
  • 5 temperature/time settings per day
  • Heater “on” symbol

Note to installers – Please note that the switch contacts at NO and C on the receiver terminal board are ‘volt free’ and will not therefore supply power directly to the Multiheat infrared heating panel.

To ensure power is supplied to the infrared panels as required proceed as follows: Connect a permanent 240 volt mains supply to terminals L and N in the receiver. Connect the infrared panel neutral (blue) wire to the neutral (N) terminal in the receiver. Connect the infrared panel live (brown) wire to the normally open (NO) terminal in the receiver. Connect a permanent link wire between live (L) and common (C) terminals in the receiver.

This will ensure that when the receiver switches the power on it will reach the panel.

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