Workplace - initial cost and fitting guide 

With businesses being more aware of the cost implications of wasting energy this form of heating is efficient and cost effective to purchase and install.

Electric heating provided by our infrared panels is a simple and low cost solution. Installation generates little dispruption to the workplace and our small 350W panels are the correct size to fit into modular or suspended office ceilings. Each small panel costs £234 and will heat an area of 7 square metres, talk to us about our discount structure for orders over ten panels.

Be creative, our black glass panels can look stunning around the walls of a large room and can be a feature of the interior design. The glass is highly reflective with mirror like qualities. There is no visible frame so the heater appears to float on the wall. Each black panel costs £375 and will heat an area of 12 square metres.

Infrared heating panels are ideally suited for work place situations because heating can be targeted to where staff or customers are positioned and is discretely positioned in the ceiling. Panels on the ceiling are out of the way from accidental damage or tampering, ensuring a long life. Panels are maintenance free and do not require servicing.

Infrared is highly controllable, so programmers can be utilised for separate areas with zone timers or thermostat settings, and because infrared provides almost instant heat there is little warm up phase required meaning the amount of time the heating needs to be on in the building will be reduced. Greater energy efficiency can be gained when used in conjunction with a voltage optimisation device.

Infrared heating panels are successfully being used in a variety of workplace environments.

  • Reception desk
  • Hospitals
  • Spa and therapy rooms
  • Shops
  • Schools – temporary class rooms
  • Holiday homes
  • Hotels                                                                   Go to the shop

We expect any large work place solution to require a detailed and in-depth study to ensure that you have the right sized panels for your requirements, if you need to talk to one of our specialist designers, please use the contact form or call us on