Technology provides greater workplace flexibility

The other day I talked about how we have just accepted new technology into our lives, some 15 years ago people were all very nervous about computers and steered away from using them, leaving it to the youngsters! Today, I read on my “shedworking” newsletter that according to a new report from printer specialists Brother that

“tablet technology, mobile printing and scanning solutions, the widespread availability of Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud technology means there are no longer barriers when it comes to working remotely, and almost any location can now be treated as an extension of – or even replacement for – your office.” Said Joanna Williams, Head of Brother UK Marketing and Communications. “76% of over-55s said technology had given them greater workplace flexibility”

New technology has completely changed our lives in the way we live and work, and it is quite possible to have an office at home and be connected with what is going on in the rest of the company, all with the aid of advancing technology.

Those wary of new technology some years ago have embraced the concept, choosing now to take full advantage of every new idea, hunting out a better performing gadget than the last because greater workplace flexibility has got to be of benefit to all if it reduces traffic congestion and stress levels at peak travel periods, reduces office overheads, and creates a happier and more relaxed workforce then that has got to be worth accepting new technology for now hasn’t it!

The use of computers and new technology enables us to work from an office based close to home in the heart of the countryside, which we love, but how has it benefited your lifestyle?

Heather Edwards

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