Focal feature panels

Our panels do not need to be discrete, the modern clean lines of the heating panel can be incorporated into the interior decor design. There are no lights or switches on any of our panels and the surface is plain and smooth.

Black glass infrared heating panels have a polished mirror like surface, use these reflections to bring movement and light into a still room for a focal feature that alters each day. White panels have a plain satin smooth minimalist finish.

In large areas a number of panels can be used to create a stunning interior design element. Use complete lines of panels running across the ceiling in a sizeable space or position a number of heating panels equidistant around the walls of a room interspersed with decorative wall lights for a dramatic effect.

a reflective surface will bring movement and light to a room.

Modern kitchens with granite worktops, slate floors and black appliances can be accentuated with a black glass heating panel fitted onto the wall, contrasting the course stone and polished glass whilst echoing the reflective qualities of the electronic kitchen equipment.

Contemporary offices evoke a feeling of being well organised, efficient and up to the minute, the progressive appearance can be enhanced by a modern looking heater too whilst also showing your commitment to energy efficiency and new technology.