Infrared heating firstly creates warmth on the skin, by stimulating the blood circulation the heat will permeate deeply around the body, body temperature is maintained by the insulating effect of the surrounding air. Heat can move around the body by encouraging optimum blood circulation for this reason infrared is the ideal choice for those sitting for long periods of time. Infrared also warms the very structure of the building, walls and objects are heated which in turn give off their own heat, providing long lasting warmth, homogenous atmosphere and therefore a healthier environment.

Infrared has been successfully used for many years by health practitioners to help in the healing process of a number of complaints, but in much larger “doses”. Our heating panels are of low wattage and will simply provide a gentle warmth. Good blood circulation combined with good clean air quality may help promote a healthier well being.

Infrared heating can be of help to those who suffer from bronchial conditions as the air quality will be still and stable compared to other methods of heating that heat the air, hot rising air creates currents and dust circulation along with scorched air and drowsiness.

Our panels are ideally suited to homes, new build properties or extensions as the white colour is designed for use on domestic ceilings and the power levels are generally suitable for one panel per room of the house. Installation is required by a competent electrician who can fit the panels along with room thermostats or timers for even greater efficiency. If you are renovating an older property with larger rooms, high ceilings or a damp problem please talk to us before ordering or position more smaller panels to best advantage.

Our range of heaters start with a small 350w panel which will heat an area of about 7 square metres, this panel is 60cm square. Our most powerful 850w panel will heat about 17 square metres, it measures 60cm by 120cm. All panels are just 2.5cm deep and are easily fixed to the wall or ceiling by four screws, white panels are lightweight.

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All of our infrared heating panels offer the following advantages:-

  • Economical with energy – compared to traditional electric heating methods – to heat a 12 square metre room with infrared would only require 600 watts and will modulate down to a lower amount once warm.
  • No loss of space – no boilers, pipes or radiators.
  • Low installation costs and simple mounting – they can be installed by a qualified electrician whilst he/she is wiring up your lighting circuits.
  • No maintenance and a long lifespan – complete with 3 year guarantee
  • Even temperature distribution – ceiling/floor temperature difference approx 1 to 2 degrees – no hot or cold spots
  • No dust circulation – helpful for asthma sufferers
  • Noise and odour free
  • IP54 rated for use in bathrooms

The standard design of our panels is a white finish made from a specially developed carbon fibre which will sustain high temperatures and is lightweight. Our new black glass panels are slightly heavier, the highly polished surface and reflective quality provide a focal point. We can supply any other RAL colour or bespoke measurements but for this we would find your product from a European supplier albeit at a much higher price.

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