Is white the colour?

Our main product is white, it is a nice white, a sort of matt finish on a carbon fibre material.

The best place to put one of our panels is in the ceiling – what, I hear you say, how can you put a heater in the ceiling, surely hot air rises?

You would of course be right, hot air does rise, but infrared is part of the light spectrum, you need to bask your room in light, albeit invisible light so that the whole room gets the benefit – you would expect to see your lights in the ceiling or at least high on the walls so that when the room gets gloomy all of the room gets brightened up, and so with infrared heaters.

Now, most people have white ceilings, so a white panel is perfect for blending into background. Yes, for sure the first few times you go into the room you will look up and see them in the ceiling but after a time you’ll just forget they are there!

So, white panels, white ceilings!

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