National Happiness Survey – are you happy with life?


I read with interest this week that the Governments National Well Being Survey suggests that farmers are some of the happiest workers in the country. I can see the draw of working outdoors in the beautiful scenery, living and breathing a job you have always wanted to do, learning and continuing on from previous generations. But the reality is very long hours, muck and dirt, the vagaries of the British weather, uncertainty of crop harvest, drop in milk prices and therefore annual income.

So why should our farmers be happy with their lot? I think it comes down to expectations and emotional wellbeing, a farmer has to face whatever problems are thrown at him and deal with it! After a very wet start to summer, this week in Devon the weather has been scorching hot and our farmers are out round the clock cutting grass to make haylege and hay to feed the animals this winter, there can be no moaning, because the job must be done before any rain falls, this week of sunshine can mean make or break for a farms livelihood next winter. And after all that hard work, what greater satisfaction than a neatly cut field and barn full of bales neatly stacked and stored.

Farmers do get a lot of job satisfaction, but that is because they are very proud of what they and their families have achieved, they can appreciate all the hours of hard work that go into producing a tasty piece of beef or the milk on the kitchen table and fine looking dairy herd in the meadow.

Happiness is gained from recognising all the wonderful things around us, no matter how small, that  come together to create the vibrant world we live in, yes there are always things that could be changed for the better but sometimes we just need to get on and appreciate what we have got. Have a look around you now and see what makes you happy!

Ministers hope the research will be used to help guide young people in their career choices.

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