New technology – go for it!

Have you ever sat down and wondered how did I ever manage before all this new technology. Our lives have completely changed over the past ten years or so. We simply go out and buy the latest must have gadget without ever thinking will it work or how does it do that? Knowing that it just will do it! No one ever waits to see if it fails, or needs a trail period to iron out any faults, because before you know it the product will be updated and technology moved on to make a new product even better than the last.

Today a customer asked me if our heating panels have a proven track record. He was new to the concept of far infrared heating, but quite convinced from what he had read that it was just what he was looking for. Well, I guess we have been using them here in the office and in our homes for a few years with no problems, but that isn’t a very big track record is it, even so, this didn’t faze him at all. They have been used successfully in Europe for many years but are new to the UK.

The energy efficiency market is moving forwards all the time, the panels we sell today are a vast improvement on those we first looked at only a few years ago, and we have learnt so much too, new products will hopefully be launched later in the year to extend our range.

New technology does not come cheap, whether it is a smart phone or solar panel, there is no proven track record, you can only research and read up to make our own judgement. In such a rapidly growing market there is no time to wait and see if it works, do your research, and ask yourself  is this product right for me? will it benefit me in my lifestyle? will it actually save me money or time? if the answer is yes then go for it!


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