Domestic home heating. Infrared heating panels are an ideal solution when building a new home or replacing an old central heating system or as additional heating to a single room or living area.

  • Introduction
  • Central heating
  • Single room heater
  • Black glass heating panel

Introduction.                                                              Go to the shop for a 350w heater

Home owners are becoming far more aware of energy usage, finding ways to reduce energy consumption and create a more efficient home, simple ideas like loft or wall insulation can produce some excellent savings.

Traditional methods of heating with boilers and radiators are expensive and time consuming to install, radiators are often fitted where it is most convenient for the plumber rather than considering the layout and furnishings of the room, and usually one single programmer will control the whole central heating  system, so even if one room is in use the whole house must be heated, causing a huge waste in energy.

An awareness of energy efficiency has brought about changes in our thought processes and habits. Infrared heaters have been in use in Germany, Austria and The Netherlands for more than ten years, these countries have always been far more environmentally aware and ahead of others, this infrared technology is now widely available in the UK to home owners wishing to reduce their electricity consumption.

Central heating.                                                   Go to the shop for a 600w heater

White heating panels can be fitted to the ceiling and hard wired to a room thermostat and programmer, modern programmers allow for different temperature set points throughout the day, a comfort setting during the day and higher  warmth in the evening, helping to reduce unnecessary electrical consumption.  Infrared heating panels also modulate, turning themselves on and off to  maintain warmth and thus using a lower amount of electricity. Divide your home into zones, areas that need regular warmth and those that need occasional or reduced times of warmth, each zone will need a programmer. Zones not in regular use may simply be set to a lower temperature to reduce energy consumption. Infrared warmth can be felt on the skin. There is no need to have long warm up periods with infrared heating as it is warming you and not the air, if you walk into a cold room simply turn the panel on and you can feel the warming infrared rays on the skin even though the air temperature may still be low.

Single room heaters.                                           Go to the shop for a 850w heater

Full central heating provided by traditional radiators can be expensive to run especially when only one room is in use during the day, our infrared heating panels provide a smart and safe solution to warming one room.  Infrared heating panels can be hung high on the wall like a picture and plugged into a wall socket, no small heaters or cables to trip over! We do suggest that the panel is securely fixed using the screws provided and the cable cut short to neatly fit to the closest plug socket, a simple timer will ensure the heating is turned on and off as necessary. The running cost for prolonged use is low due to the low energy consumption of our panels, please have a look at the comparisons on the How Much Does It Cost To Run? page.

Black glass heating panel

Our black glass heating panel is designed to create a statement focal point to the room, it should be hung high on the wall like a picture, ideally the cable should be hard wired to a programmer switch. This panel does not have a frame, the glass is polished with smooth edges and rounded corners, the fixing profile on the back of the panel lift it away from the wall giving it the floating appearance.