Is area size the same as room size? Calculating which panel to buy.

Is area size the same as room size?

Are you trying to calculate which panel to buy?

On our website we give the approximate area size that each of our panels will heat, that doesn’t mean to say that the largest room size can only be 17 square metres, oh no, split the room into areas and then you just need one panel per area. Let me explain.

Our heating panels give off warmth that can be pleasantly felt on the skin. The warmth is given off from the front of the panel and radiates across the room, just like a light bulb shining, now depending on the power of the light bulb and the size of the room, there may be areas that are not particularly well lit and there may also be areas cast in shadow. So, if we want good all over light in a very large space, we need to distribute more light bulbs across the area.

In a room of 4 metres by 4 metres heated by an 850 watt panel fitted centrally on the ceiling, the warmth can easily be felt on the skin when sitting anywhere and the air will be warmed equally across the entire space.

Now in a room of 3 metres by 7 metres with an office desk at either end we could say we now have two areas and a 600 watt panel above each workstation would provide plenty of direct warmth, or three small 350 watt panels distributed equally across the ceiling would provide even warmth. Our 850 watt panel would struggle to reach the farthest ends of this room.

Remember, infrared warmth can be felt on the skin and is very pleasant if you are sitting still, either when working or in leisure time. But the ultimate aim is to warm the room evenly and completely and therefore heating panels do need to be distributed equally over a larger space. Our small 350 watt panels fit into office suspended ceilings for creating all over warmth.

The Small Furry Hotel – is the most unusual place we have been asked to heat.

The Small Furry Hotel – is the most unusual place we have been asked to heat.

At the Multiheat office we are quite used to dealing with questions about heating all sorts of different buildings and for very different requirements, from grand hotels or large offices to flats or garden rooms, but our latest project was quite a surprise!

We were asked if we could heat a hotel for animals, The Small Furry Hotel in Hampshire.  Madeleine Fear provides an excellent boarding facility for rabbits, guinea pigs and any other small animals whilst their owners are away on holiday. Some of these animals are usually be kept indoors at their own home so it was important for Madeleine to offer that same warm environment for the animals, so she asked us if our heaters would be right for the job.

Infrared heating panels are the ideal solution for heating a log cabin where the occupants need to feel gentle background warmth, the panel is fitted up on the ceiling with a switch so is out of the way from any hazards, especially where nibbling animals are concerned! The warmth shines down reaching all areas of the log cabin unlike hot blowing fans that create hot spots and draughts or bulky heaters which take up floor space. The panel will keep background warmth, it is on day and night to prevent the animals becoming too cold.

This infrared heating panel is only 350 watts, so will only be costing about 4 pence an hour to run, and, if on constantly for 24 hours a day that is less than £1 per day. When working in conjunction with a room thermostat, the panel will modulate and use far less power; we expect the costs on milder days to be just a few pence.

The Small Furry Hotel need never worry about their visitors feeling cold at night or that water may freeze when the outside temperature unexpectedly drops, and Madeleine herself will be comfortably warm whilst she is attending to her visitors.

Find out more about The Small Furry Hotel.

New efficient bathroom mirror heater

New efficient bathroom mirror heater

Infrared heated mirror panels will soon be available from stock from Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd. Electric mirror heating panels using infrared technology have a low energy consumption, costing just a few pence per hour to run. When left on for long periods infrared heating creates a warm welcoming environment, this method of home heating is very energy efficient and especially useful in the bathroom.

Attractive heated mirrors will not mist up plus they will warm the room. Infrared ray’s warm people and objects which in turn give off warmth to warm the air, in bathrooms this ensures the walls and floor are gently warmed too! Heating panels are IP 54 rated for safe use in bathrooms and wetrooms.  Made from glass with rounded edges and corners the mirror will sit in total just 2.5cm from the wall in a stylish frameless design which appears to be floating.

Mirror glass is made from ESG or German Einscheiben-Sicherheitsglass – one-pane safety glass. This kind of glass resists to impacts, extreme temperature changes and severe bending loads.  Your slim line mirror should be fitted high on the wall and cleverly hides the fact that it is the heater, avoiding the need for cumbersome fan or wall heaters and providing you with a large mist free and bright bathroom mirror.

The design benefits of having infrared heating in your home.


Infrared heating panels fitted to the wall or ceiling provide a stylish heating solution maintaining the clean lines and clarity of modern decor.

We would all agree that radiators, storage heaters, boilers and pipe work are unsightly and take up valuable space in our homes, and whilst under floor heating has become popular for those completely refurbishing or newly building a property it is simply not viable in many situations.

Glass heating panels can look stunningly attractive set high on the wall like a picture and as part of the interior decor design theme, the polished surface reflects movement and light from within the room and the gently rounded corners soften the rectangular shape. Panels should be hard wired to a programmer to hide any cabling.

Heating panels positioned high on the wall or ceiling are designed to direct warmth across the room, meaning the furniture can be positioned wherever you like rather than being determined by the radiator layout, old radiators often get hidden behind the sofa and therefore struggle to throw out any heat at all. , there are no hot spots to the room or cold corners, no draughts or air circulation, no fans to create dust or dryness, no lights or switches to get damaged, no coated metal surfaces to become scratched. In fact you will hardly notice the heater is there other than the welcoming warmth.