How do I work out my room area?

How do I work out my room area?

We calculate that most rooms have a ceiling height of about 2.5 metres, so, as long as your ceiling is of fairly average height that’s fine, don’t worry about measuring it!

We just need to know the length and width of the room in metres, then multiply these together to get your area.

Some heating solutions ask for your area in cubic metres, that is the length times width times the ceiling height. This just makes life more complicated, we hope you would tell us if your ceiling is particularly high, so we can adjust the simple area calculation answer.

All homes are different; some are always cold whereas some modern homes are well insulated and hold their warmth very well, so please choose your panel accordingly.

If you choose a larger panel don’t worry that it will be using too much energy because you can use a room thermostat to control the room temperature and therefore the energy consumption.

If you have any concerns please call us, we have experience in heating all sorts of different buildings and situations!

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