Becoming a reseller.

Becoming a reseller.

Over the last week we have had a number of phone calls from businesses asking about becoming a reseller of infrared heating panels. We can usually break these down into three categories, showrooms, electrical wholesalers and trade buyers.

Now we have quite a number of trade buyers, builders, electricians and heating engineers who regularly buy from us for different projects, a couple of wholesalers who will happily order in our stock for contractors but we would really like to hear from retail outlets.

Businesses that can display and use our products to heat their showroom are ideally suited to advise customers on the benefits and use of infrared heating in their homes. We have found our customers like the feeling of infrared warmth; it is very different from the hot air and stuffiness of traditional heating methods, and showrooms can allow customers to try before they buy!

Many of our trade buyers use a panel in their office or own home and are great fans of infrared heating, they are certainly continuing our commitment to customer service and we have had some very happy customers and excellent reports back. But they cant provide us with a showroom!

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