Central heating or room by room? Energy efficient heating.

Central heating or room by room? Energy efficient heating.

Whether your home is a one bedroom flat or a large country house we can heat it with infrared heating panels. The principles are the same, we need to know the measurements of each room and the natural warmth of the home and some ideas of how you use your home, whether you are at home all day or out at work, that helps us advise you on the controlling of the heating and the best ways to zone areas for programming. Traditional central heating programmers have just one setting for the whole house but with infrared you can be far more flexible and energy efficient.

This week we have spoken to two customers with lovely well insulated and modern flats looking for an energy efficient heating system, for the first customer two large panels will be sufficient, one in the open plan kitchen/ living area and one in the bedroom simply run from timer switches on the plug sockets. Simple room by room heating.

But for the second customer, with a busy lifestyle and a flat with small corridors and a separate kitchen we suggested having smaller panels in each small room as this will ensure all round warmth. Dividing the flat into heating zones is far more energy efficient, for example, the bathroom and living room should be fitted to one programmer in a zone that needs to be kept warm for more hours of the day than say the bedrooms which can be fitted to a separate programmer, by fully utilising the thermostatic programmer we can provide gentle background warmth to one area without wasting energy on other areas that are not in use.

Our panels only use 350 watts, which is a very low amount of energy but more than sufficient to gently warm the small rooms of this flat and will provide comfortable warm much faster than by only having heating on in the living room and bedroom.

The running cost to heat the whole flat with infrared heating will be low as the total amount of electrical wattage used is low, and by using thermostatic programmers the energy savings will be even greater. Plus, there will be no cold draughts from unheated rooms!

So, central heating done room by room, the energy efficient way!

Efficient office heating fitted in the suspended ceiling

Efficient office heating solution can be fitted in the suspended ceiling.

Multiheat is a specialist provider of infrared heating panels specifically designed to fit into the suspended ceiling framework.

When decommissioning or stripping out old or ineffective heating systems the office layout can be rearranged to make better and full use of the entire floor and wall space, something that has previously been dictated by the heaters.

Any business re-fit should evoke a feel for your individual company alongside a professional atmosphere not jeopardised by unsightly heating systems but, these days, will also be concerned with carbon reduction.

Multiheat supplies drop in heaters that fit perfectly into the framework of your suspended ceiling, cabling is all hidden above, along with lighting and any other cabling, your electrician can simply wire up the heaters to a central programmer for complete heating control. The background warmth generated by infrared energy is welcoming and creates pleasant working conditions along with importantly reducing your energy consumption. Infrared heating panels have low energy use and are energy efficient.

Talk to us about reducing your office heating bills with an efficient infrared office heating solution.

The Small Furry Hotel – is the most unusual place we have been asked to heat.

The Small Furry Hotel – is the most unusual place we have been asked to heat.

At the Multiheat office we are quite used to dealing with questions about heating all sorts of different buildings and for very different requirements, from grand hotels or large offices to flats or garden rooms, but our latest project was quite a surprise!

We were asked if we could heat a hotel for animals, The Small Furry Hotel in Hampshire.  Madeleine Fear provides an excellent boarding facility for rabbits, guinea pigs and any other small animals whilst their owners are away on holiday. Some of these animals are usually be kept indoors at their own home so it was important for Madeleine to offer that same warm environment for the animals, so she asked us if our heaters would be right for the job.

Infrared heating panels are the ideal solution for heating a log cabin where the occupants need to feel gentle background warmth, the panel is fitted up on the ceiling with a switch so is out of the way from any hazards, especially where nibbling animals are concerned! The warmth shines down reaching all areas of the log cabin unlike hot blowing fans that create hot spots and draughts or bulky heaters which take up floor space. The panel will keep background warmth, it is on day and night to prevent the animals becoming too cold.

This infrared heating panel is only 350 watts, so will only be costing about 4 pence an hour to run, and, if on constantly for 24 hours a day that is less than £1 per day. When working in conjunction with a room thermostat, the panel will modulate and use far less power; we expect the costs on milder days to be just a few pence.

The Small Furry Hotel need never worry about their visitors feeling cold at night or that water may freeze when the outside temperature unexpectedly drops, and Madeleine herself will be comfortably warm whilst she is attending to her visitors.

Find out more about The Small Furry Hotel.

New efficient bathroom mirror heater

New efficient bathroom mirror heater

Infrared heated mirror panels will soon be available from stock from Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd. Electric mirror heating panels using infrared technology have a low energy consumption, costing just a few pence per hour to run. When left on for long periods infrared heating creates a warm welcoming environment, this method of home heating is very energy efficient and especially useful in the bathroom.

Attractive heated mirrors will not mist up plus they will warm the room. Infrared ray’s warm people and objects which in turn give off warmth to warm the air, in bathrooms this ensures the walls and floor are gently warmed too! Heating panels are IP 54 rated for safe use in bathrooms and wetrooms.  Made from glass with rounded edges and corners the mirror will sit in total just 2.5cm from the wall in a stylish frameless design which appears to be floating.

Mirror glass is made from ESG or German Einscheiben-Sicherheitsglass – one-pane safety glass. This kind of glass resists to impacts, extreme temperature changes and severe bending loads.  Your slim line mirror should be fitted high on the wall and cleverly hides the fact that it is the heater, avoiding the need for cumbersome fan or wall heaters and providing you with a large mist free and bright bathroom mirror.

Replacing storage heaters with new infrared heating panels.

Replacing storage heaters with new infrared heating panels.

Storage heaters do become scratched and tired over time as they are positioned low on the wall and are often used for airing wet clothes or standing mugs on, thus bringing about wear and tear. New infrared heating panels fit high on the wall or on the ceiling and are very slim and discrete, these new panels are only 2.5cm deep from the wall.

Electric heaters using infrared technology provide gentle warmth to the whole room, warming people and objects which in turn give off warmth to heat the air; the warming infrared rays can be felt on the skin, just like sitting in the sun, plus there are no hot and cold spots or draughts as previously experienced with storage heaters. Air emerging from storage heaters could be very hot and stuffy, heaters blow out hot air which rises across the room and falls as cold air which is drawn across the floor towards the heater causing draughts, this movement of air also stirs dust and can contribute towards bronchial conditions.

New infrared heating panels are energy efficient using very little electrical energy, a 600 watt heater can be sufficient to heat a small room of about 12 square metres, and it will modulate to only draw power to maintain temperature so could be using far less energy.

Your electrician can take out the old storage heater and fit the new infrared heating panel quite simply. The new heater will not only look smarter but save you money on your electricity bills too.