Infrared Heating Panel for walls or ceilings – 600Watt


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FREE DELIVERY – In stock, delivery time about 2 to 3 working days.

Infrared Heating Panel – 600watts

60 cm x 90cm x 2.5 cm deep and 5.75kg in weight. Middle size as pictured.

The surface is white carbon fibre with an aluminium frame.

Fit to ceiling or wall. If your panel is mounted on the ceiling it will heat a room of about 12 square metres, fitted on the wall it will be less efficient and heat a room of about 10 square metres. *  When fitted on the wall some infrared energy is lost to heating the ceiling space, ideally the heater should be angled downwards and into the room.

*Heating areas – we anticipate a square or rectangular room of good quality modern construction. If your building is particularly cold or poorly insulated choose a larger heating panel and use a room thermostat to maintain pleasant warmth without wasting electricity.

All panels are rated IP54 for use in bathrooms.

Conforms to European safety standards. CE standard, TARIC , TUV Rheinland, EN 60335, EN50366, NEN1010/IEEE

NOTE: The current stock have a European plug on that we recommend is removed and the product hard wired into your system by a qualified electrician.

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