Natural infrared energy and the human body

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Our bodies naturally absorb and emit infrared energy. We can absorb infrared warmth energy from the sun. When the sun goes behind a cloud the air temperature does not suddenly drop it is just that we can no longer feel the infrared rays from the sun. Our bodies use this infrared energy to increase blood flow around the body, taking with it warmth, oxygen and aiding bodily processes, this can also help the healing process of tissues. Healing hands, infrared heat lamps and infrared saunas have been used for many years to alleviate soreness and muscle damage.

Nowadays thermal imaging cameras can digitally pin point where large amounts of infrared energy are building up and damage has occurred, showing the extent of infrared heat build up assists medical practitioners in their diagnosis and treatment. Infrared energy is being emitted from the body all the time, which is why a warming hug on a cold day feels so nice, we give of infrared warmth naturally. Rescue services use thermal imaging cameras to find people by picking up the infrared energy they are giving off.

Infrared warmth is a natural part of our lives and bodily process and therefore when infrared energy is provided to us in the optimum wavelength our bodies can feel comfortable. Infrared heating panels mimic the wavelength which is most comfortable to the human body.

Domestic infrared heating panels provide very gentle warmth and we do not claim to any health benefits other than the fact that direct warmth feels nice and is far more comfortable than some hot air heating which can dry and scorch the air causing drowsiness and aggravating bronchial conditions. Most customers comment that they like the “feel” of infrared warmth.