How much does infrared heaters cost to run?

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How much does infrared heaters cost to run?

If you take one of our standard panels, say a 600w panel (it doesn’t matter whether it is a glass panel or a carbon fibre one as they both use 600w of energy) then it will use 0.6 units of electricity per hour to run if it was in use all of the time. With a unit of electricity costing around 15 pence then it will cost you 9 pence an hour to run.

BUT…. and it is a big but…. the panel will not be on for a full hour. The panels will modulate, that is, once the panel gets up to its operating temperature it will turn itself off, but still produce infrared. Once it cools down to stop generating infrared it will turn itself on again. It might be running for as little as 33% of the time reducing the running costs to just 3 pence an hour. Now, that is in a perfect world, and will depend on many variables like where it is situated, the ambient temperature of the room, draughts blowing across the panel etc. but you get my drift, it will use less than 0.6 units of electricity per hour.

If you use a thermostat controller that turns the panel off when it reaches a comfortable temperature in the room it will use even less electricity.

SO…. how big a room will that heater heat? Well, assuming the room is well insulated and the panel is fixed in the centre of the room it can heat a room of about 12 square metres (3 metres by 4 metres or 10 feet by 13 feet in old money) – that is quite a big room!