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Talk to us for experienced advice.

Multiheat have been supplying infrared heaters for almost seven years, we are happy to discuss your project with you to make sure you get the best from your new heaters.

All buildings are different, the construction, the insulation, the outside weather, the use of the building, the expectations of the user, so all forms of heating will have differing requirements, programming times and consumption levels. Whilst we are an internet based company we give customers opportunity to give us a ring or email to discuss their needs to make sure they have a heating panel which will be able to heat their room effectively and in the timescale expected, this sometimes means positioning differently to how they first expected, altering the programmer or can mean having two smaller heaters to give extra power.

Imagine the heater as a light bulb, you want to shine the light down across the whole room. Infrared works by warming people, walls and furniture, the rays can be felt on the skin even through cooler air to give a comfortable feel of warmth, often the air temperature can be lower than normally expected but the perceived feeling of warmth is comfortable.  To achieve a more all-round warm air central  heating feel the heating panel needs time to warm the walls and furniture, these then give off warmth to also heat the air, the time involved can vary on the construction of the home and the chilling factor of cold exterior walls and windows.