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The unique VPhase product lowers and regulates the incoming voltage in a property, typically to 220V, giving householders immediate and significant energy and CO2 savings. VPhase is a must-have, green technology for most households in the UK. Once fitted, it is completely maintenance free for it's 25+ year life. The device requires no lifestyle or behavioral change from consumers either, it's just a case of fit, forget and save instantly.

What size is the VPhase unit? The unit is about the same size as your existing fuse box and weighs around 4.3kg. Dimensions of the unit are: 345mm(L) X 180mm(W) X 115mm(D)

How will it be installed? The VPhase unit must be fitted by a qualified electrician. It is installed alongside the consumer unit (fuse box) and will regulate voltage to the circuits where energy savings can be made. No on-going monitoring is required to ensure optimum benefits from VPhase. Please check the compatibility of your fuse box with your local qualified electrician.

How much energy will the VPhase unit save? The precise energy saving will depend on a number of specific factors including the incoming voltage at the house, the number and type of appliances used and the amount of electricity normally consumed. For example, our tests have shown that appliances with motors can save around 17% whereas entertainment devices may save between 3% and 10% or more. Of course energy saving also reduces carbon emissions and helps the environment.

Domestic voltage optimisation is designed to optimise voltage on induction circuits. Through lowering and regulating the voltage, yet still operating well within the manufacturers' stated tolerances, many appliances and light bulbs will actually have their life extended through reduced loads and stress being placed upon them.


Price: £270.00


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