How do I heat my massage room?

When the client enters the massage room they should be greeted by a welcoming feeling of warmth and comfort, this is created as a whole by the decor, therapist and heating, the extra special touches will maximise potential for complete relaxation and gain positive feedback towards future visits. Heat treatments are also a good marketing tool especially on cold days, infrared heating can be combined with hot stones, hot damp towels, and warm lotions for extra special luxury or in a heated toxin flush massage. It is the extra special touches that will make one massage therapist stand out from all others.

New electric infrared heating panels are not expensive to buy or difficult to fit. Infrared heating can bring a deep down warmth experience to the client without any additional light or noise distractions plus the benefits of warming deep into the skin will promote blood circulation and aid the healing of tissue. Infrared heat will open muscles and relax joints enabling a much deeper massage and importantly nurtures the feeling of rest and relaxation.

All buildings vary in their structure and ability to hold warmth and every massage session and client will be different and as such there is no definitive guide how to get the right temperature, so a flexible system is needed. If there is already some central heating in the building it could be turned right down low to maintain background warmth and prevent the air becoming too cold and the infrared heating panel used as and when necessary to boost warmth and relaxation or if there is currently no heating these panels can heat the room alone. Once the room is warm panels can be switched on and off in an instant, there is no warm up or cool down time which is especially useful when combining with other hot treatments which may cause the body to overheat. Panels can simply plug in but for better flexibility and energy efficiency a programmer or controller should be used.

These infrared heating panels are popular with hot yoga specialists who work with the infrared rays to create very intense warmth in the body to enable deeper body work, suppleness and relaxation with less effort and strain to muscles. Very intense heat promotes sweating which has multiple health benefits.

The addition of these panels to your massage room will bring the benefits of lower heating bills and greater client satisfaction. Infrared heating panels are energy efficient and low wattage using a significantly smaller amount of electricity compared to convector or fan heaters.

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