Choosing electric heating.

Many homes here in the South West are tied to electric heating as there is no gas service or little outside space for an oil tank, but with electricity prices being less volatile than gas or oil and with energy efficiency technology rapidly improving this should be seen as a bonus. Infrared heating panels have been widely used in Europe for the past ten years, panels provide gentle infrared warmth to the skin, just like sitting in the sun, and use very little energy. Infrared heats people and objects rather than the air between, the air is heated as a secondary effect, in modern well insulated homes this warmth is easily maintained and the panel will modulate to draw less electrical energy but even in old buildings the benefit of having infrared heating to warm the very structure of the building will have an effect on the overall warm feeling of the home whilst still only consuming low amounts of energy. Programmers enable one room to be turned up whilst other rooms not in use can be turned down to save even more electricity. In comparisons with convector heaters our infrared heating panels use far less energy and may even have paid for themselves over a period of one year and will then continue to show savings annually, when positioned on the ceiling the heater cannot receive any accidental damage and will continue to look good and reduce energy usage for years to come.

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