Will infrared heating melt my chocolate?

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Will infrared heating melt my chocolate?

We get asked many questions like this. Because infrared heating heats objects directly without heating the air first there is a misconception that infrared heating will warm up the wrong objects, like chocolate, cold drinks, salad, etc… but actually so do all forms of heating and infrared is no different, it just does it in a slightly different way.

Take the bar of chocolate – if you leave it in a room where the thermostat is set at 25 degrees centigrade the chocolate will be a lot more gooey than it would be in a room that is only 21 degrees centigrade. If you have a log burner or electric heater and you leave your bar of chocolate close to the fire it may well melt!

Infrared heating will do the same, if you set the room thermostat at 25 degrees centigrade then infrared heat will warm the room up to 25 degrees centigrade, so your chocolate will rise to be the same temperature. The infrared heat given off by our panels is not as fierce as that of outside infrared patio heaters, nor as fierce as the sun itself, they give off a nice gentle that will give you that gentle feeling of warmth, and it will do so for your chocolate as well.

So, no, an Infrapower Infrared Panel Heater will not melt your chocolate!