Will infrared heating heat just me?

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Will infrared heating heat just me?

This is the sort of question we get asked when someone has a very large room (or space in a warehouse for example) and they want to be warmed but do not necessarily want the whole room to be warmed.

This is just one excellent use of infrared heaters because they will do exactly that!

If you sit in a space with an infrared heater the warmth that comes from the heater can be felt whilst the rest of the room stays colder/cooler!

We have customers who use a 600w panel to keep them warm whilst watching TV without having to turn on the central heating or light a fire. We have customers who use the heater to keep them warm whilst they are working at home, again without the need to heat the whole house. We have customers who heat a space in a village hall when they have a meeting, it keeps them warm without having to heat the whole hall! We also have customers who have a receptionist in a large room and they have a small panel to just keep them warm instead of the whole room!

Another reason why infrared heaters can be efficient in these situations – fan heaters that warm the air up, just blow the warm air across you, but aren’t actually heating or warming you up!

Why not try an infrared heating panels to see if it will work for you – ask us about our 30 day money back guarantee!