Why is infrared heating energy saving?

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Why is infrared heating energy saving?

Infrared heating works on a very simple principle found in nature that if items are warmed they in turn will give off warmth. Imagine the sun warming a stone wall which in turn radiates warmth to heat the air.

Infrared heating works very differently to conventional heating systems.

A conventional electric storage heater will warm up to heat the air, this warm air rises, and cools, and falls to the floor, resulting in hot ceiling spaces and cold feet. Doors open and the warm air is lost, and the process starts all over again.

Infrared heating panels become warm, this warmth creates infrared energy which travels through cold air and when it hits an object causes the atoms within to vibrate, creating heat. Once all the items in a room are warm they themselves are giving off warmth to heat the air. As all objects, furniture and floor are giving off heat there is no stratification and an even warmth from floor to ceiling. When cooler air enters the room it is warmed by all objects around the room rather than a single heating point to save energy.

As the whole room is generating warmth it creates a comfortable atmosphere and the heating panel does not need to work as hard to maintain room temperature resulting in the heater modulating rather than having to work constantly. Energy savings result from having the heating on for longer periods. Even at lower air temperatures you can still feel the infrared energy from the heating panel on your skin. A room thermostat and programmer can be set to maintain a lower background warmth throughout the day and a more warmer temperature at night again to save energy.