Feel those infrared rays from the sunshine!

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Feel those infrared rays from the sunshine!

Today the sun is shining and all the holidaymakers here in Devon for half term must think we live in paradise! Clear blue skies and warm sunshine.

The suns infrared rays warm us, as well as buildings and roads and soil, all of which then radiate warmth to warm the air. In cities you will notice this more than here in the countryside as buildings really do soak up the infrared rays and radiate warmth back often making the air stifling right into the evening. Here, there is always a cooling breeze, but don’t be deceived those infrared rays are still warming everything they touch.

For the first time this year I sat out in the garden for breakfast, it was early and cool, there is only one small patch of sunshine at this time of day, but I manoeuvred my chair to sit and soak up the pleasant infrared rays. The side of my body in the sun was becoming quite warm whilst the other half was feeling decidedly chilly!

So when positioning your infrared heating panel in your home please bear in mind you want to feel those infrared rays shining down on you, fit the panel up on the ceiling or high on the wall and avoid creating shadows or areas where the rays simply cannot be felt.