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Ceiling mounted infrared heating panel - 900 watts. Only 3 available now.

This panel has a higher surface temperature and should only be fitted on the ceiling.

These panels are ideal in rooms with slightly higher ceilings than normal as the infrared warmth can be felt from further away. A number of panels can also be fitted in larger or colder rooms where our standard 850 watt panels might struggle to heat. We often recommend the 900 watt HT panels as special order for Hot Yoga Studios.

This panel has the same measurements and appearance as the standard 850 watt white carbon fibre heating panel.    60 x 120 cm and 2.5cm deep.

Only 3 in stock and available for free delivery in the UK, delivery time 2 - 3 days.

NOTE:  The current stock have a European plug on that we recommend is removed and the product hard wired into your system by a qualified electrician.


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