Can infrared heaters provide heat for hot yoga by themselves?

Can infrared heaters provide heat for hot yoga by themselves?

Well actually no!

The following is a basic specification on what may be required for hot yoga put together from information from a number of sources. We appreciate that no two existing buildings are ever the same and insulation levels are a crucial element  but this is a ‘broad’ idea:

Heat: Up to 35 degrees C, with an easy ability / control to adjust the temperature when needed. Typical ‘background’ heating should be capable of heating the room to 22 degrees C. The IR panels can then take this to the required 32-35 deg C . It is not appropriate to attempt to use IR panels alone to achieve this temperature.

Humidity: We understand that comparable studios in the US maintain humidity levels between 45% and 65%. We expect it to be possible to control the levels of humidity in the studio.

Air movement, fresh air in: It is important to ensure that occupants receive sufficient volumes of fresh air coming and that the air does not become stale – in other words, there needs to be plenty of fresh air and good air circulation within the studio. We understand that comparable studios use a variety of methods (fans, air ducts / pumps). The fresh air coming in needs to be warm air!

Infrared: We have found that about 150 watts per square metre is required instead of the ‘normal’ 50 watts as mentioned else on our website. Thus for a room of 24 m2 you would need about 3,600 watts which could be achieved with 6 of our  600 watt panels distributed evenly around the ceiling, Ideal ceiling height is in the range of 2.3 to 2.8 metres.

The above is based on achieving 32-35 deg C.

I hope the above is of interest but please let us know if you need further details.


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