Solarpod Pro – the most powerful and portable solar battery on the market.

The Solarpod Pro is the latest revolutionary product for producing large amounts of power from a small battery! Simply charge from mains electricity or by a solar panel and carry with you for wherever you need power!

Solarpod Pro provides 1000 watts of pure sine wave. With two UK plug sockets for powering for example a standard TV or small household fridge, 4 x USB ports for charging mobile phones, laptop or music player, and 12V adapter socket for use with camping equipment, there is no need for specialist devises or inverters.

The Solarpod Pro comes in a smart aluminium briefcase with padded interior to house your battery and cables whilst on the move.

Weight 15kgs or 33lbs

Dimensions 30.5 x 23 x 26 cm

1 year guarantee

Input - charged by 100 watt solar panel in 5 hours or mains electricity in 7 hours.

Output - 1000 watt pure sine wave with two electrical sockets, 110v or 220v with switch, 12 volt adaptor, 4 x USB ports. No set up required, simply charge, and plug in items requiring power!

With 1000W of power this Solarpod Pro is capable of running any product up to a maximum of 1000 watts, for example televisions, DVD players and speakers, lights, fridges and freezers, computers, phones and cameras.


Price: £1,699.00


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