Outdoor Infrared Heaters now on special offer.

We have again got some near infrared patio type heaters available, these are of good quality and durable design, ideal for those who are working outside in a workshop, garage or unheated garden room and need to keep their fingers warm in this very cold weather. Once fitted high on the wall the efficient heater is ready for whenever the weather turns chilly and is splash proof for leaving in the workshop all year round.

These near infrared heaters have a powerful 1400 watts that can really be felt through the cold air and have a simple bracket on the back for fixing to the wall which can be angled to suit; it can effectively radiate warmth across a good area for working in.

Multiheat have been asked for a more powerful heater by craftsmen working from unheated and poorly insulated workshops or sheds where our standard panels just would not be sufficient in this cold weather, these near infrared heaters provide a powerful and affordable solution and will certainly radiate plenty of warmth that can be felt on the face and hands to make work time more pleasurable. And now at a great price too! Only available from the special offers section of our website shop.

We already have our standard heating panels in some very special glorified sheds used for model making, a music studio and a rabbit hotel, I wonder where these outdoor heaters will go?

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