Positive effect of infrared heat on the body.

Positive effect of infrared heat on the body.

Customers like the feeling of warmth from their infrared heating panels, it has a positive effect, but why does infrared warmth feel good? I have been doing some research into why!

Our bodies are designed to absorb and use infrared energy.  We naturally receive the suns infrared energy and we generate infrared energy. Infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin promoting blood circulation, it is claimed by health experts that our bodies can control the use of infrared energy to where needed, the infrared energy helps in a variety of tasks, from simply moving warmth around our body, in tissue repair or moving unwanted toxins away in the blood. Infrared heat therapy is widely available from lamps, saunas and body wraps. Relaxation and pampering may also contribute towards the feel good factor but natural infrared warmth does feel good too. Domestic heating panels are only providing gentle warmth but do have a positive effect in making us feel comfortably warm.

Our bodies also generate infrared energy. Our bodies radiate warmth from a warm surface to a cooler one, you will notice this when receiving a loving warm hug, or the reason why a mother’s arms are the best place to keep a new born baby warm, or why a quick rub from warm hands can ease a twinge. Heat therapy has been used for centuries in Chinese healing hands and Reiki. Again, infrared warmth has a positive effect, it makes us feel good!

Infrared energy is measured in microns, the suns rays vary in wavelength but the infrared range is between 0.72 and 10 microns, infrared heating panels replicate this at about 8 microns, our bodies radiate warmth in the range of 5 to 10 microns, as can be seen on a thermal imaging camera. So, we like the feeling of infrared warmth simply because it is very natural to our body, we are designed to be able to use this form of heating.

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