What temperature do you have the room set at?

We have all had that feeling of walking into a hot shop or office in the middle of winter and having to peel off layers of jumpers before we pass out in the heat, now surely that isn’t good working conditions for staff or good for custom.

In the depths of a gloomy winter our brains associate a warm room with feeling good, but often in our bid to create warmth we simply go too far and create a hot dry stuffy atmosphere, where we feel drowsy and lose concentration.

However, a short walk to work on a cold crisp morning often revitalises the senses and freshens the mind ready for the day ahead, so working in a cooler environment can also have the same effect. A room heated by infrared heating panels can often be as low as 17 degrees but the occupants feel warm and comfortable. Infrared warms people and objects rather than the air between, the infrared rays can be felt on the skin, this warmth is carried deep around the body in the blood, remember to position your panel above where you sit for maximum benefit.

All buildings and peoples circumstances are different, the better insulated the building the better it will retain warmth.  A modern room thermostat and programmer can help achieve the temperature you desire, have a play around, by turning the thermostat down but having the heating on longer may achieve more efficient results. On cold winters days, set the programmer to come on early or even stay on overnight at a lower temperature and then allow time for the room to heat up. A really cold room will take time to heat up no matter what type of heating you are using and will be devouring the fuel! However, with infrared panels you can feel comfortable at lower temperatures and be saving energy. Turning the thermostat down has a huge saving on fuel costs.


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