Can you paint our standard white panels?

This is a question that we get asked quite frequently. To be honest we have said no in the past as the efficiency of the panel will be impaired, but with the soon to be introduction of “picture” panels it was a question we thought we would ask the manufacturer.

His response surprised us…pleasantly…and here it is:-

In general you can also paint the panels (also your clients can), the main issue is that you have to use good quality paint or lacquer. This paint has to be heat resistant, but normally they will know at local paint/lacquer stores.

Efficiency will be of course influenced by this additional layer on the front side of the panel, but this is 2-3% and normally you cannot recognize this decrease.

We use ink for printing which is similar to car prints – paint supplier told us, that they use this paint also for cars because when car is in the sun, the surface of the car will also become very hot. I do not know the exact specifications of our ink, but normally you should get good advises from a local company selling ink/paint/lacquer – just tell them you need for metallic surface which becomes hot.

So, now you know & in future our answer will be yes!

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