Heating the home.

To supply panels to heat a modern three bedroom house could cost as little as £2784 and with a small additional cost for an electrician to fit and wire heaters to a central system and programmer this method of heating costs substantially less to install than conventional radiators and boilers.

Area to heat measurements wattage required cost to supply heater
Living area 16 sq metres 850 watt panel £336
Dining area 12 sq metres 600 watt panel £282
Kitchen 12 sq metres 600 watt panel £282
Cloakroom 5 sq metres 350 watt panel £234
Entrance hallway 5 sq metres 600 watt panel £282
Landing stairway 5 sq metres 350 watt panel £234
Bedroom 1 16 sq metres 850 watt panel £336
Bedroom 2 14 sq metres 600 watt panel £282
Bedroom 3 10 sq metres 600 watt panel £282
Bathroom 6 sq metres 350 watt panel £234

To heat this house requires 5.75 KW of electricity per hour, if we are paying 13p per unit per hour (this will depend on your tariff) then it will cost 75p per hour to initially heat the whole house and may be reduced to as little as 25p per hour to maintain warmth. Talk to your electrician about utilising a programmer and room thermostats to make even greater savings.

If you require ten panels or more talk to us about getting a discount!

As with any form of heating the costs will vary depending on the construction of the building and insulation properties, we suggest that thermostats may be turned down by two degrees to still feel comfortably warm, infrared heats people and the warmth can be felt on the skin.

Infrared heating panels are designed to be hung high on the wall, like a picture or fitted onto the ceiling. The surface is white coloured carbon fibre, which attractively reflects light and blends with most modern light decor. All fixtures are included for mounting using the profiles on the rear-side, each panel can be easily mounted vertical or horizontal. The panel pictured has been hard wired by an electrician. Have a look at our new black glass infrared heating panel designed as a statement piece for the home or office wall.

Our panels require no maintenance or servicing as there are no moving parts and are simple to use in a domestic environment. Panels can be fitted in bathrooms in zone 3 and are IP54 rated.

All electrical energy is used to produce heat, there are no lights, fans or noise, so our heaters are very economical and silent to run. A newly developed reflector technology allows 98% of the infrared rays to be radiated from the front of the panel.

Infrared feels like sitting in the sun, you can feel the warmth on your skin even though the air temperature may still be lower than usual. Infrared will not dry the air causing stuffiness or create dust and is therefore helpful to asthma sufferers.

Panels do become hot when in use similar to any household radiator but are safely positioned high on a wall or ceiling out of reach, most of our panels are low surface temperature panels reaching no more than 105C. Infrared radiation works better at higher surface temperatures.

Wall or ceiling panels – should be positioned above seating areas for maximum benefit, remember the rays will travel about 3 meters out from the front of the panel and at about 45 degrees away from the heater. If positioned on the wall some heat is lost to the ceiling space, panels are more efficient positioned on the ceiling directing the rays downwards. If wall mounted try to angle the heater slightly downwards rather than fixing flat to the wall.

Ceiling panels – are available for rooms with high ceilings, these panels do become HOT when in use. Panels with a high surface temperature work more efficiently but are only suitable for areas where the heater cannot be touched.